Monday, January 23, 2006

current work ( late oct 05- late jan 06)

hey hey, new stuff up finially. been havin plenty of fun with new ideas and such, thanx to all that gave up suggestions 2 posts ago, i believe i got most of them in here. i think alan's came out better than the others, probably cause i was in the mood for noodling around at the time. but yeah, things goin pretty good artisticly speaking. got plenty of stuff i'm into working on, but i always like challenges. i'm lookin for new things to branch out into, stule, subject, etc. many of these here actually came from when i would ask someone like am, or a random person in a cafe to spout out a word, theme, or whatever and that's what'd come out of it. it's fun. as of now, in reference to this semester and impending work, i'm going for a layout portfolio. when am brought me into her production i realised the joys of layout with brad (the layout artist who was my superviser), as opposed to the horrors of layout at lcad. this should be fun ( despite having aubry as co-teacher for my senior port this semester). yeah, i'm puting the film i was working on with marshall on hold. i need to whip myself in order for trying to get a job in the industry. yeah. so that's what's going on artisticly. ryosuke and i moved to glendale within the last week so i'm pretty stoked cause i freaking love la. there's so much life and diversity here. yeah. anyway, back to posting work. i'm gonna try and keep it chronological, with first bing the last page of this new sketchbook/most current (like the last post). here it be. if ye have any suggestions for future work or whatever, let em fly as always, i dig challenges.

i'm working on this one now. i'm a fan of androids and mechanical life.

an updated profile pic was in order, something to reflect a more current self. is that color? gasp. it's sort of a mix of my new place in la and zona rosa. good times.

i asked one of my co-workers to spout a suggestion on break. she said "love, trust, i don't know". at the time i was going through grimm's fairy tales and took a liking to the raven princess.... so the connectors met and thus she came forth.

i noodled around one day while at e st cafe down south. my favorite spot there is rather victorian inspired, so i suppose this and others came of it. it's just a quick doodle.

i had fun with this one. i did this one after the one below. it's a masked/twisted type of take on the arnolfini wedding by jan van eyck. everyone wears masks.

this one is one of my favorites thus far. at the time zona rosa had their dia de los muertos decorations up and a madonna was one of them. i was working on concepts of noface at the time and things connected. again, everyone wears masks, unconcious or not.

alan, this one's yours. you put up in the suggestion post something to the order of "mirrors, acid, quick sand, and something magician like". here you go. i had fun with this one too. i had been researching victorian undies at the time and things connected. it's sort of a take on vanity.

one of those nights when i couldn't sleep. got over caffinated at e st cafe, couldn't sleep and ended up watching the hsn special on telescopes. despite the horrors of insomnia, i liked working on this one.

at zona rosa again, this time with one of my favorite books- kabuki today. hells yes all glorious photo book if kabuki theatere and costumes!

there were some guys sitting around me at e st cafe and i asked for a word or thought. a guy gave me "jesus". my mind landed on some gruesome picture of the crucified jesus. then for some reason, i wondered why there are these huge paintings where jesus is shown in agony and practicly decomposition and parents and elders show them that and say that jesus died for their sins. i dunno, that would scare the crap outa me if i were them........ thus this. they were amused.

same day. i asked the girl at the counter of e st cafe for one. she gave me "judgment". later another guy gave me "iconoclast", but i didn't finnish that one......... but no, it wasn't sunday that day. so yeah, i think i might have been reading about the egyptian exhibit at lacma that day, so this came of it. so much for the gods of old in these modern days.

for some reason i was thinking of alice in wonderland that day.

after doing the one below i was kind of interested in trying out the peter chung type of style. so i did a sort of interpretation of a still from the kabuki book. i kinda like it.

am suggested in one of the posts here to do a cross of aeon flux and the wizard of oz. i gave it a try with my meager amount of reference print outs and this was the better of the 2. i messed up completely on her right arm, and ryosuke spilled paint on it towards the end. i was surprised that aeon flux's colors were so bright. i remembered them as being darker, or at least more like reign's colors. not my best work, but it was fun to noodle around with a different style.

i did this one while waiting towards the back of the crowd at a project 86 show. i liked how the things were different colors at different depths in the crowd.

did this one the day before in anaheim while waiting for project 86 to come up. i was next to the merch booth and i decided to do a pic of their song, "necktie remedy". check em out if you haven't.

at zona rosa again. am suggested "tea", as that's what she was drinking. i think i had been going through a tea ceremony book earlier and this is sort of what came of it.

the first page of the new sketchbook, and already a favorite. i wanted to start this book of strong. i think i had been thumbing through that kabuki book that day and had set up my old japanese dolls in my place. the demon was one of them. yay for ghosteses!

the last work of the last book of less

ok, here's the work i meant to post some time ago when things were finially cooking, artisticly speaking, as opposed to the days previous of not yay. i think a new style was starting to emerge then in reference to the post i shall post after of new(er) work. i was starting to get into different subjects, new mediums, and such. this is the last 1/2 of my last sketchbook ( book 10). some peices are finnished, some not cause i got too excited about other subjects that i never got around to finnishing the one at hand. oh well. so here they be. i fail at this code stuff, but i think i managed to prettymuch put it in chronological order. i'm just gonna put the highlights of the book up here. here we go....

Saturday, November 05, 2005

new ideas, throw em at me.

ok, as the title states, i'm interested in exploring new ideas/ concepts/ styles/ and possible mediums. despite my impending lack of time, i can't keep myself away from noodling in my own work. i want to try new things out instead of staying within the comfort zone of my own intrests and styles. one would ask "well, why don't you just do this on your own?" and my answer is "pulling things from out of thin air is hard for me when i've spent the past few years swimming and have the depth perception of a peice of brocoli. i honestly don't know where i'd begin.". so, i ask you, fair reader, that you throw things at me to give me a new challenge. a word. a thought. a what if. a combination of styles. a charicter. a theme. something like that.

bring it on and i shall post the result.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

archive of less sane days past

okie, first actual artsiefartsie post here. i just wanted to slip this one in to provide a sense of context and history to my incoming work of betterness. these are personal reflections of the visual kind that i forced myself to do when i was unable to properly finction. they cronicle a period of about mid-summer 2004 to aprox march 2005 when i was just starting to loose my sanity, fully losing it, trying different medications, and then stoping drawing all together in march which wouldn't be picked up again untill i had fully come into sanity and normalcy in the state of mind and was able to draw again come about june/julyish. phew, that was a run-on sentance. let it be said that a tweak of one's neurological chemicals goes a long way. anyway, the way this works is that it will run chronologicly from bottom to top. the bottom being the first of 2004, the top being the last of 2005. let it be said, that fortunatly this is all over and done with and it has a happy ending. i merely wanted to insert a sense of history as i kinda liked what got produced, artisticly speaking, back then. yes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i am a pastafarian.

I HAVE BEEN TOUCHED!!!!! if you haven't yet seen this awesome peice of awesomeness, check out the flying spaghetti monster link over to the side. in other news, the first installment of recent work is coming soonish. i just need to finnish my animatic for the modern ghost and then i'll be able to update. maybe sooner, depends on how destracted i feel like being.

Monday, October 17, 2005


ok! my g5 arrived yesterday and i've spent the last 24 hours intermittently installing programs and shit. oh, kick ass! unfortunatly, i think i may have inadvertently killed my pc with it's own jealousy for it "blue screen of death"ed me last night when i tried to boot it up after moving my external divices over to the mac. this scares me cause i have my portfolio, archives of old projects, music archive, and text documents still locked in there. transfering it all if i can get the pc up again is going to be a bitch cause probably the only real way of moving the files is via cd....... oy....
but fortunatly, with my new machine i'm determined to kick some serious ass artisticly. i have named my hard drive "kick-ass" after my fallen external drive that helped me through sophmore and junior year. funny thing is, it took a larger hard drive (nearly 40 GB) to install these programs than my whole entire hard drive in my pc (technicly 27.something GB) that i've been eeking through with since '99. the final cut pro studio box of mass is all installed and i can't wait to rip through it with all the video and such that i'm going to be editing with it. all i need now is to get my photoshop studio and set it up and i'll be ready to go. hopefully i can get my hands on flash for mac so's i can be a more rounded production art something person and kick some more ass hopefully. oooohoooo! i feel the power! new pics of recent work from the new days of evening mind shall be on the way once i get everything up and going software-wise. i'm gonna need a new sketchbook with all this new musings cause mine is now almost filled up. yay!