Monday, October 17, 2005


ok! my g5 arrived yesterday and i've spent the last 24 hours intermittently installing programs and shit. oh, kick ass! unfortunatly, i think i may have inadvertently killed my pc with it's own jealousy for it "blue screen of death"ed me last night when i tried to boot it up after moving my external divices over to the mac. this scares me cause i have my portfolio, archives of old projects, music archive, and text documents still locked in there. transfering it all if i can get the pc up again is going to be a bitch cause probably the only real way of moving the files is via cd....... oy....
but fortunatly, with my new machine i'm determined to kick some serious ass artisticly. i have named my hard drive "kick-ass" after my fallen external drive that helped me through sophmore and junior year. funny thing is, it took a larger hard drive (nearly 40 GB) to install these programs than my whole entire hard drive in my pc (technicly 27.something GB) that i've been eeking through with since '99. the final cut pro studio box of mass is all installed and i can't wait to rip through it with all the video and such that i'm going to be editing with it. all i need now is to get my photoshop studio and set it up and i'll be ready to go. hopefully i can get my hands on flash for mac so's i can be a more rounded production art something person and kick some more ass hopefully. oooohoooo! i feel the power! new pics of recent work from the new days of evening mind shall be on the way once i get everything up and going software-wise. i'm gonna need a new sketchbook with all this new musings cause mine is now almost filled up. yay!


Blogger Anne-arky said...

Sweet! I spent the weekend being computer-rific too...I have Photoshop on my machine again...wee! I can find you Flash 8 also if you would like...

Can't wait for the art to appear. Go Vanessa!

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your drawings are amazing!


4:52 PM  

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