Wednesday, November 02, 2005

archive of less sane days past

okie, first actual artsiefartsie post here. i just wanted to slip this one in to provide a sense of context and history to my incoming work of betterness. these are personal reflections of the visual kind that i forced myself to do when i was unable to properly finction. they cronicle a period of about mid-summer 2004 to aprox march 2005 when i was just starting to loose my sanity, fully losing it, trying different medications, and then stoping drawing all together in march which wouldn't be picked up again untill i had fully come into sanity and normalcy in the state of mind and was able to draw again come about june/julyish. phew, that was a run-on sentance. let it be said that a tweak of one's neurological chemicals goes a long way. anyway, the way this works is that it will run chronologicly from bottom to top. the bottom being the first of 2004, the top being the last of 2005. let it be said, that fortunatly this is all over and done with and it has a happy ending. i merely wanted to insert a sense of history as i kinda liked what got produced, artisticly speaking, back then. yes.


Blogger Rummy the tuxey kitty! said...

Your 'crazy' art is fucking sweet! You should publish it...somehow...

5:30 PM  

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