Monday, January 23, 2006

the last work of the last book of less

ok, here's the work i meant to post some time ago when things were finially cooking, artisticly speaking, as opposed to the days previous of not yay. i think a new style was starting to emerge then in reference to the post i shall post after of new(er) work. i was starting to get into different subjects, new mediums, and such. this is the last 1/2 of my last sketchbook ( book 10). some peices are finnished, some not cause i got too excited about other subjects that i never got around to finnishing the one at hand. oh well. so here they be. i fail at this code stuff, but i think i managed to prettymuch put it in chronological order. i'm just gonna put the highlights of the book up here. here we go....


Blogger Alina Chau said...

WOW!! Very coool series of sketchbook paintings and drawings!! U ROCK!

11:01 PM  

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